Michael Niavarani – Homo Idioticus - Vienna Würstelstand

Michael Niavarani – Homo Idioticus

July 3, 2020

Michael Niavarani –
Homo Idioticus

A funny Austrian guy is back with is ‘Homo Idioticus’ show

Michael Niavarani – Homo Idioticus – Corona Edition

When: MON & TUE, July 6 & 7, 8pm (plus additional dates in August)
Where: Theater im Park
Entry: already sold out! Check event page for ppl selling tickets

The Austrian-Persian stand-up comedian, cabaret artist, and actor, Michael Niavarani, will be on stage at this summer’s ‘Theater im Park‘ theatre. With his solo show, Homo Idioticus – eine Kulturgeschichte des Trottels, Niavarani is on the hunt for the biggest idiot on earth. We’re looking forward to his witnessing the scientific methods he uses to make fun of humanity, and himself… probably. Unfortunately, his shows in July are already sold out, but you might be able to get some for August. Or, you could also keep an eye out for anyone selling their tickets via the Facebook event page.

Recommended if you like: lolling, curing your weekend hangover with beer, local comedians, the Viennese dialect and charm, making farting sounds with your armpit

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