Mary Jane's Soundgarden Live - Vienna Würstelstand

Mary Jane’s Soundgarden Live

September 11, 2020

Mary Jane's Soundgarden

Get groovy at the Loft while enjoying some damn fine live music

Mary Jane’s Soundgarden Live

When: FRI, September 18, 7pm–1am
Where: The Loft
Entry: free!

Feel your spirits rise when wildly dancing to some tasty Groove on stage at The Loft this Friday! The band, Mary Jane’s Soundgarden, will be on stage and it’s all about feeling good and wild! Get in the mood with this little preview:

Recommended if you like: wild nights at the Gürtel, some damn fine Groove, dancing until you forget everything that’s bothering you (or drinking….drinking works too), extraordinary music, feeling unstoppable, eating a greasy kebab at the Gürtel

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