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Get goose – it’s Martinigansl time!

October 28, 2019

Get goose –
it’s Martinigansl time!

Get goose – it’s Martinigansl time!

Go eat Martinigansl

When: today – mid–December
Where: various locations in Vienna

A tradition that sprang way back from a saint’s feast day sees people flocking to Gasthäuser (traditional Austrian taverns) to dine on delicious, succulent roasted goose. Martinigansl is a traditional dish of roasted goose accompanied typically by potato dumplings and Rotkraut. Get goose or go home this month (except you vegetarians and vegans… you guys, just ignore this tip altogether).

Tip: Check out our list of the places to get a quality Martinigansl experience.

Recommended if you like: stuffing your face like the Gansl was stuffed before, getting a high five from your tastebuds, trying something different, being a true local by eating local food

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