MARTIN ROTH - Vienna Würstelstand


December 1, 2019

Experience this unique installation all about human’s effect on nature in the Kunst Haus 


When: October 8 – January 12
Where: Kunst Haus Wien
Entry: regular ticket: 11€, children < 19 and students: 5€

Martin Roth has “planted” an installation in the garage floor of the Kunst Haus Wien, which is inspired by human destructive behaviour. The installation makes those who check it out confront the reality of what our industrialised society is doing to mother nature. Car noises, machines, dislocation etc. It´ll definitely open your eyes (even more), for sure.

Recommended if you like: actively experiencing art, realising of how arrogant we humans are, industrial sounds, inverted reality, Kunst Haus Wien, art that is loud and bold

© Martin Roth, Courtesy Collectiow of Josephine Nash, New York

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