Martin Creed | mumok - Vienna Würstelstand

Martin Creed | mumok

February 8, 2019

Experience some performance art at Mumok

Martin Creed | mumok

When: WED, February 13, 6:30pm–9:30pm
Where: Mumok
Entry: TBA

Open your mind for this entertaining exhibition at Mumok. Turner prize winner, Martin Creed, will be reflecting on the human condition with music and theatrics. And, really, what is reflection on the human condition without music and theatrics? Head out for this special exhibition and explore the rest of the museum while you’re at it!

Recommended if you like: Mumok, live performances, interesting exhibitions, seeing things unlike anything else you’ve ever seen, wearing many hats (both figuratively and literally), Martin Creed, seeing award winning art exhibitions.

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