MAJIRA - Vienna Würstelstand


August 14, 2019

Dance until you lose your mind at this event 


When: SAT, August 24, 10pm–4am
Where: Volksgarten Pavillon
Entry: TBA

Here’s another party for you to forget all your problems at. There’s always a good vibe to these parties at this outdoor location. Make sure to take your good mood with you and there will be nothing that can possibly ruin your evening. (Well, except for a zombie invasion, of course. But, that’s unlikely.) Various DJs will try their best to get your booty movin’ and we hope they succeed, ’cause otherwise maybe something is wrong with your ears. Or your booty.

Recommended if you like: events at the Volksgarten Pavillon, mixing beer with hard alcohol, dancing on your tippy toes, pointing at random people while you’re dancing, telling everyone your name is Sven

Make the Most out of Vienna