Lost in Translation 2.0 -360° – vienna würstelstand

Lost in Translation 2.0 -360°

December 1, 2017

Lost in Translation
2.0 -360°

A Series of shorts detailing the lives of five Afghanis who made it to Vienna

Lost in Translation 2.0 -360°

When: SAT, December 9, 5:45pm–7pm
Where: Top Kino
Entry: Free

If you like your cultural injections short and sweet, but meaningful then this Saturday’s short film at the Top Kino is just for you. Pairing up with the crowd from Vienna Independent Shorts, and artistic guidance from Eyup Kus, a group of five lads from Afghanistan share their stories of flight and their personal history, as well as their uncertainty and worry with regards to their future lives in Vienna.

Recommended if you like: short films, refugee stories, supporting ayslum, seeing how the other half live, charity projects, having your eyes opened, traveling, reading rather large books

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