Liquid Market 2019 – Vienna Cocktail Festival - Vienna Würstelstand

Liquid Market 2019 – Vienna Cocktail Festival

June 20, 2019

Liquid Market 2019 –
Vienna Cocktail Festival

70 competing mixologists and more in 3 days: the city’s cocktail festival

Liquid Market 2019 – Vienna Cocktail Festival

When: THU–SAT, July 11–13, 3pm–11pm
Where: Volksgarten Evergreengarten
Entry: 39€ on Thu, 48€ Fri & Sat, 89€ 3-day festival pass; includes all-you-can-drink cocktails

Shake it baby! And once you’re done with that, you’ve got a cocktail festival to get to – on ya’ bike! Vienna’s cocktail festival is happening for the fourth year in the Volksgarten. Liquid market will see many elite cocktail mixers from bars around Vienna get together and do ‘der tang, if ya’ know what we mean?! You’re right, we’re not sure either. So, to get straight with you – you pay your entry at this festival (from 38€) and you get all your fancy drinks inside for free (well, you kind’ of paid for them). That means you’ll get a bunch of drinks (with, or without alcohol) included in your ticket. Shit! We suggest you stay dry for a couple of weeks and see what happens after this marathon!

Please note: we do not promote excessive drinking… unless you do stuff that makes us laugh afterwards and post it on our Instagram.

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