Linz AG Bubble Days - Vienna Würstelstand

Linz AG Bubble Days

June 1, 2019

A crazy splish-splash of an event in Linz!

Linz AG Bubble Days

When: FRI–SAT, June 7−9
Where: Linzer Handelshafen
Entry: Free!

With an almost 20,000-strong crowd showing up every year, this summer event in Linz has become a must for locals and summer lovers, alike. If you haven’t been here yet, this is definitely the year to be part of all the wild fun offered up by this festival.

It includes over 4 live music stages to satisfy all kinds of music tastes, helicopter shows, water sport competitions, LOTS of water activities for people of all ages AND a wakeboarding show. Oh yeah, did we mention it’s free? ‘Cause free seems like a really good price. For more info. be sure to check out their website.

To get there you’ll need… a strong pair of legs that can pedal you all the way to Linz, or alternatively, and if you don’t have a phobia of trains, take a train to Linz.

This festival is special because… although it’s a pretty big party that will last for 2 days, it’s also family-friendly during the day

Recommended if you like: water sports, pointing at helicopters while your ice cream falls on the head of your daughter, splashing around with your hands in the air like you just don’t care, the glorious and ancient art of wakeboarding, one day of stubble, when the dancefloor can be on the grass, heading to a party half-naked

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