LILA FLOHMARKT 2019 - Vienna Würstelstand


November 22, 2019

Pimp your wardrobe at this female fashion design flea market


When: SAT, December 14, 10am–7pm
Where: Kunsthalle Wien
Entry: Free (the first 200 guests get a free ticket to the ‘Time is Thirsty’ exhibition in the Kunsthalle)

The crowd from the fashion designers, lila, will be throwing a flea market in the Kunsthalle. There will be an racks and racks of clothes, accessories and shoes up for sale from Lila at their special Christmas market, including also some second-hand stuff and pieces from their previous collections.

Recommended if you like: shopping, seeing what is on offer for spring, speaking in emojis, special collections, niche Christmas markets, free access to an exhibition, taking the other half to a market and dropping some massive hints in vague directions, Lila fashion, women’s fashion

Photo © Mia Feliné

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