Lebensmenschen - Vienna Würstelstand


January 17, 2020

Catch this new play that tackles the topics of family and sexuality


When: January 20–February 1
Where: Theater Drachengasse
Entry: 19€/various discounts, buy a ticket

Dino Pešut’s production ‘Lebensmenschen’ introduces us to two characters, a black Austrian woman and a gay Croatian man. Neither of them know what will happen next in their lives, but they do know that their idea of ​​intimacy cannot be realised together. Despite the fact that their’s is not a relationship based on the traditional idea of ‘love’, and without being married, they go on to have a child. This play tackles their lives in a predominantly white, heterosexual & male society.

Recommended if you like: learning about LGBTQ+ issues, theatre tackling society’s views, educating yourself, gay and queer theatre, theatre productions, supporting and checking out small theatre companies

Picture © Evi Pribyl

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