Museum hopping @ ORF Lange Nacht der Museen 2019 - Vienna Würstelstand

Museum hopping @ ORF Lange Nacht der Museen 2019

September 24, 2019

Museum hopping @
ORF Lange Nacht
der Museen 2019

A night at the museums

Museum hopping @ ORF Lange Nacht der Museen 2019

When: SAT, October 5, 6pm–1am
Where: Museums all around the city. Check out the website for more details!
Entry: 15€ general admission tickets, 12€ students

Once a year, the museums are the cool kids in town and leave clubs and dance floors empty as they make crowds of people choose art and discovery over getting so smashed you pass out in the closest park on your way home. As part of the long night of the museum, museums and galleries will open their doors (including many rarely open places) from 6pm to 1am for all those interested in culture. Presentations, special exhibitions and other events will also be happening all over town throughout the night as part of the program.

One ticket will ensure you the entrance into a variety of museums, so plan ahead and map out your choices so you’re prepared. The main museums will obviously be the busiest ones, where queues are to be expected. So, why not use the occasion to check out the smaller, more underground and unexpected amongst Vienna’s museums? Such as a hat museum, or one dedicated to funerals? Get inspired by our guide of the lesser known, weird and wonderful museums in Vienna.

Recommended if you like: art, hats, funerals, to look but not to touch, culture after dark, Saturday night at the museum, geeky weekend activities, going where everyone is going, that feeling you get when you’re part of something that thousands of other ppl are doing

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