La Boum @Filmcasino Wien - Vienna Würstelstand

La Boum @Filmcasino Wien

July 2, 2019

A French teen love classic on the big screen

La Boum @Filmcasino Wien

When: WED, July 10, 8:30pm–10:30pm
Where: Filmcasino
Entry: 9€, buy a ticket

This is one for all those nostalgic hipsters out there. This Wednesday’s special screening at the retro Filmcasino is of La Boum –  a French teenie bop classic along the lines of The Breakfast Club, that follows the love stories and parties of a teenage French girl as she moves to Pairs and explores the city, and herself. It will be shown in French, with ze’ German subtitles.


Recommended if you like: French films, foreign language films, Sophie Marceau, testing your French listening skills, teenie bop classics, 80s classic films, nostalgia, 80s classic soundtracks, remembering your own awkward and tentative first steps into the world of the opposite (or same) sex

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