Kunst am Kanal 2019 - Vienna Würstelstand

Kunst am Kanal 2019

July 31, 2019

Culture, music and a party by the waterside

Kunst am Kanal 2019

When: SAT–SUN, August 9–11 (check out the programme for details)
Where: Das Werk
Entry: free donations until 12am, then 10€

Along the graffiti-riddled space of the Donaukanal (up near Das Werk and Grelle Forelle) there will be quite the event happening this August. A ton of bands will be playing their tunes, readings will be happening, a fun kids program will be underway and the ateliers of the artists based at Das Werk (yep, it’s not just a club) will be open to the public.

It’s going to be quite the cultural soiree. We also expect this family-friendly fun will turn into hedonistic, messy partying as the day becomes night. Check out all the other cool stuff that will be happening as part of this 2-day festival.

Recommended if you like: unusual locations, street art, partying all night long, mini-festivals, exploring the city, doing fun stuff in Vienna in summer, being artsy fartsy, creative talks

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