KulturHerbstNeubau: female*gaze - Vienna Würstelstand

KulturHerbstNeubau: female*gaze

October 4, 2019

Get to know the women of the 7th district at this cultural festival

KulturHerbstNeubau: female*gaze

When: THU–SUN, October 10–13, 7pm­
Where: different locations
Entry: TBA

The 7th district is hosting a 4 day culture festival of sorts, with a focus on women in working and doing great things in the neighbourhood. You can check out the awesome stuff they’re doing, get to know the stories of the different women owning businesses in the area, and also take a seat at one of the many restaurants, and cafes (from the 7th district) of the districts who will be participating in the festive mood.

Recommended if you like: female empowerment, feminism, Vienna, culture, culture, culture, going to the bakery in your dressing gown, buying yourself flowers, girls nights out, being a bobo in bobostan

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