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Kudlich in Amerika

January 10, 2020

This story is more relevant than ever!

Kudlich in Amerika

When: SAT, January 11 – WED, February 12
Where: Schauspielhaus
Entry: 12€ – 22€, get your tickets!

Starting on January 11 at the Schauspielhaus, you’ll have the chance to watch a play about oil, money, power, and 19th century America. That’s an interesting time period, right? Thomas Köck, the author, tries to make the audience think about how capitalism came into being and what consequences the oil industry had and continues to have today. If that sounds like something you’d watch, make sure to get your tickets, as the premiere is already sold out!

Recommended if you like: theatre productions, supporting artists, prospecting for oil, looking critically at the dominant capitalist system we have developed and adopted, the Schauspielhaus, original theatre productions, feeling a bit smarter every time you leave a theatre

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