Kräuterspaziergang - Vienna Würstelstand


May 9, 2019

Take a walk and educate yourself on herbs


When: SAT, May 18, 9:30am–1:30pm
Where: TBD
Entry: 32€ (register via

In this herb walk series, a bunch of people (and you, if you want to) will be taken to a place to hunt for some edible herbs. On the tour, you will be taught how to recognise wild herbs that you can use in recipes and as natural remedies, when to pick them, and what you can use them for – you know – just in case the zombie apocalypse happens and we all have to go rogue and live off the fat of the land.

Recommended if you like: herbs, ‘erbs, being totally prepared for the zombie apocalypse, living off the fat of the land, reconnecting with your inner hunter-gatherer, tours that even locals should do, saving money through foraging

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