Kostüm- und Requisitenflohmarkt - vienna würstelstand

Kostüm- und Requisitenflohmarkt

January 3, 2019
Vienna Wurstelstand Events Costumes and Props Flea Market
Vienna Wurstelstand Events Costumes and Props Flea Market

Kostüm- und

Calling all bargain hunters and theatre enthusiasts!

Kostüm- und Requisitenflohmarkt

When: SAT, January 12, 10am–2pm
Where: Volksoper
Entry: Free!

The lovely people at the Volksoper have been doing some spring cleaning (in winter…) and are holding a flea market to sell their old costumes and props to make some space in their wardrobe. A wonderland for theatre enthusiasts, bold fashionistas or bargain hunters who are looking to spice up their living room with some misplaced but oh so extravagant objects. There will also be some great deals on selected Volksoper performances and merchandise.

Recommended if you like: playing dress-up, pretending to be someone else, sustainable living, all things vintage, bold rimmed glasses, pretending you’re hosting your own talk show television program while having a bath, turning up to a party and in the most unique and extravagant outfit 

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