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“Körpergeschichten” by Würmer, Herterich, Kahr

July 5, 2019

by Würmer, Herterich, Kahr

An exhibition about the human body

“Körpergeschichten” by Würmer, Herterich, Kahr

When: SAT–SUN, July 13–14
Where: Die Turnhalle
Entry: TBD

In the contemporary exhibition, Körpergeschichten, the artists, Würmer, Herterich and Kahr, will be addressing the question of how the human body can be represented and interpreted in today’s contemporary art and society. In addition, there’ll also be be open workshops and a discussion round. If this sounds interesting to you, you should get your human body to Die Turnhalle this weekend, as the exhibition will be on only this Saturday and Sunday.

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