Kommando Elefant - Vienna Würstelstand

Kommando Elefant

June 7, 2019

Check out this Indie Pop band from Vienna

Kommando Elefant

When: WED, June 12, 8pm–12am
Where: B72
Entry: 12€, buy a ticket

Vienna-based Indie Pop band, Kommando Elefant, will be releasing their sixth album this year. Before they do so, they’ll be on stage at the B72 this Wednesday to perform some of their classics like ‘Alaska’ but also a bunch of new songs. They’ll be supported by Punk Indie Soul Hip Hop ensemble, Schaller & Rausch.

Recommended if you like: Indie Pop music, checking out the local indie talent, elephants, partying in intimate locations that are so intimate you’re wearing other people’s sweat, grungy locations

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