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Kleidertausch ‘Wiener Wäsch’

March 3, 2020

'Wiener Wäsch'

Trade clothes with someone else

Kleidertausch ‘Wiener Wäsch’

When: FRI, March 13, 5pm–7pm
Where: Wiedner Gymnasium
Entry: free!

Are you sick of your wardrobe? Have you recently created a brand new identity and need new clothes to match it? Go and trade clothes at this event (and, no, this won’t be like that bad orgy you had in college) with other people and maybe even make new friends. We feel it’s necessary to mention you should plan on trading clothes other than the ones that you actually wear to the event. Keep those on.

Recommended if you like: trading clothes with other people, making new friends, taking a walk in someone else’s shoes (and in someone else’s pants, and in someone else’s shirt…), creating a new identity starting with your closet

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