Karma Selfcare Club #8 - Vienna Würstelstand

Karma Selfcare Club #8

December 5, 2019

Look after yourself at this morning of yoga, meditation and veganism

Karma Selfcare Club #8

When: SAT, September 18, 10am–1pm
Where: The Brick Studio
Entry: 35€, buy a ticket

‘Tis the season to be healthy! Either that, or get so stressed that you want to curl up into a tight ball. If that’s the case, the Karma Selfcare Club have come to the rescue as this event is all about looking after yourself. You’ll get a Selflove Morning Flow yoga session (rib removal not required), followed by mediation and then a vegan brunch to feast on. Go on, treat yo’self!

Recommended if you like: loving yourself, yoga, meditation, vegan food, me time, exercising your body and mind, ‘ommm’ experiences, finding inner peace, earning your brunch

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