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Johannes Rass. Bühnentier / Animal on Stage

See this challenging but fascinating cinematic piece of art

Johannes Rass. Bühnentier / Animal on Stage

When: SUN, November 17, 6pm–7pm
Where: Stadtkino Wien
Entry: TBD

As part of Vienna Art Week, the cinematic documentation of artist Johannes Rass’s work ‘ÜHNENTIER / ANIMAL ON STAGE’ is being screened at Stadtkino. Not only that, but an accompanying exhibition of large format photographs from the project will be shown in the lobby. Some may wish to stay away, as it features the slaughter and decomposition of an animal, which is then reassembled into its original form. Others may immediately head home wanting a bacon sandwich.

Recommended if you like: out there artworks, challenging cinema, DEATH!, Vienna Art Week, converting people to veganism, visiting cinemas on a Sunday, Modern art, photography, film, bacon

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