Johann Sebastian Bass - Abschiedskonzert - Vienna Würstelstand

Johann Sebastian Bass – Abschiedskonzert

October 30, 2019

Johann Sebastian Bass

Catch this farewell concert from Austropop former Eurovision contenders

Johann Sebastian Bass – Abschiedskonzert

When: FRI, November 8, 7:30pm–11pm
Where: Kunsthalle Wien
Entry: Free! Donations welcome

Johann Sebastian Bass (aka JSB) are that rare thing – former Austrian contenders for the Eurovision Song Contest who are actually worth listening to (*we duck for cover*). Perhaps that’s why they didn’t win. Despite being formed in 2011, they capture nicely the essence of Austropop, and you can clearly hear and see how the artists of that genre have influenced them. Tonight is their farewell concert at the Viennale Festivalzentrum in the Kunsthalle. As a nice surprise, the concert is free (with donations welcome) and anyone who has previously bought a ticket will be refunded.

And if you’re heading to this, why not also catch the DJs at Zuckerreise in the same venue afterwards?

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