Japannual 2019 - Japanische Filmtage Wien - Vienna Würstelstand

Japannual 2019 – Japanische Filmtage Wien

September 27, 2019

Japannual 2019
Japanische Filmtage Wien

A film festival celebrating the weird and wonderful cinema of Japan

Japannual 2019 – Japanische Filmtage Wien

When: TUE–SUN, October 1–6
Where: Filmcasino
Entry: 7€ students, 8€ non-students, 65€ festival pass, buy a ticket

Japannual is the 3rd Japanese Film Festival in Vienna, organised by the Austrian-Japanese Society. There are a wide range of films to catch, spanning feature, documentary and Manga. More than 20 films will be shown. We’re particularly intrigued by ‘The Wonderland’, a Ghibli-like Anime where the ground opens, a magician walks out and kidnaps young heroine, Akane, to a colourful parallel world (come take us, too!). If you’re a proper Japan fan, you can buy a ticket to see absolutely everything screening at this festival.

Recommended if you like: the land of the Rising Sun, Manga, all things Japanese, anime, film festivals, celebrating other cultures, films where you really don’t know what’s coming next, Vienna’s finest cinemas.

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