IndieKicks at Loop - Vienna Würstelstand

IndieKicks at Loop

January 19, 2020

Party to Indie, Indie, and even more Indie Rock at this party

IndieKicks at Loop

When: SAT, January 25, 11pm–4am
Where: Loop Wien
Entry: free!

The Loop and Indie Britrock DJ collective, Indiekicks, are hosting a night for all of you Indie Rock lovers out there, this Saturday night. This crew has a particular fetish for Brit’ Indie Rock so if you’re on board for a bit of bouncing around to the Arctic Monkeys and the likes, you better check out this party.

Recommended if you like: the Indiekicks DJ clan, Indie Rock music, thrifting clothes, drinking white wine, dancing with 2 glasses of wine in your hands, meeting new people, down-to-earth deep talks, wearing Asics Tigers

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