Igor Levit – Piano concert - Vienna Würstelstand

Igor Levit – Piano concert

April 29, 2020

Igor Levit –
Piano concert

Catch a live piano concert from a master while chilling on your couch

Igor Levit – Piano concert

When: (almost) daily, until real concerts are possible again
Where: your apartment
Entry: free!

The German-Russian pianist (we said pianist not penis you sicko!), Igor Levit, wants to keep on giving people the chance to enjoy his magnificent piano concertos live so he’s organising regular live concerts on his Twitter account.  So, have Igor fill your living room with his wonderful piano tunes! If you don’t know this guy, you should definitely get to know him. 

Recommended if you like: the sound of a well played piano, people who are trying to make this situation less shitty, getting your cultural fix without leaving your home, talented people

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