Hörsaal Slam Wien - Vetmeduni - Vienna Würstelstand

Hörsaal Slam Wien – Vetmeduni

November 3, 2019

Decide with the rest of the audience on your favourite poetry slam performance

Hörsaal Slam Wien – Vetmeduni

When: THU, November 7, 7:30pm–11pm
Where: University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna
Entry: 7€, buy a ticket

It’s the poetry slam letting loose in different Uni auditoriums all around the city. They claim it to be Vienna’s biggest poetry slam event, and it’s known to pack out every, single time around. The audience decides on their favourite performance. Get out to an event that will have your heart racing and your eyes wide. This week, the poetry slam will take place at the University of Veterinary Medicine.

Recommended if you like: poetry slams, audience participation, getting to make decisions about someone else’s fate, art in action, live performance of poetry, getting excited about other people’s big moments, wordsmiths

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