Hofsafari "Wild West" - Vienna Würstelstand

Hofsafari “Wild West”

May 10, 2019

Explore the innenhof (courtyards) of Ottakring and Hernals

Hofsafari “Wild West”

When: THU, May 16, 5pm–7pm
Where: Elterleinplatz
Entry: TBA, make reservations, here

Are you always trying to peek into the inner courtyards in Vienna? It’s ok, you can admit it to us. We won’t call the police like your neighbors do when you try to peek into their homes. This walking tour is designed to let you see some amazing inner courtyards in Ottakring and Hernals. Get on your walking shoes and please your peekers (your eyes, that is) on this special walking tour in Vienna.

Recommended if you like: being nosy, seeing how other people live, getting to see inner courtyards without people thinking you were trying to peek, wearing your favorite walking shoes, meeting other people who also love to explore the innards of Vienna

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