Heast! Hip Hop openStage | Eintritt frei! - Vienna Würstelstand

Heast! Hip Hop openStage | Eintritt frei!

February 9, 2020

Open mic night for all Hip Hop-pers

Heast! Hip Hop openStage | Eintritt frei!

When: TUE, Feburary 11, 8pm
Where: B72
Entry: free!

Is Hip Hop, Rap and Beat Box your thing? If so, you gotta’ check out this Hip Hop open stage night for young and upcoming MCs and Beatbox talents, called HEAST!, at B72 this Tuesday. This event takes place on a regular basis and it gives young talents the opportunity to perform on stage in front of a crowd. So you can either join the performers on stage (this month’s edition is already booked), or just be there for the music, it’ll be free. For future sign-ups, check the event page.

Recommended if you like: checking out local talents, at-brimmed baseball caps, doing it for the thrill, bouncing up and down to a Hip Hop tune with one hand in the air, smoking ze’ wacky tabacky, beatboxing in front of a mirror

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