Haunted House ✞ Heart Club ✞ 16+ - Vienna Würstelstand

Haunted House ✞ Heart Club ✞ 16+

October 25, 2019

Haunted House ✞ Heart Club ✞

Dance all night long at this Halloween party with a confetti canon – what the?!

Haunted House ✞ Heart Club ✞ 16+

When: THU, October 31, 11pm–6am
Where: Heart Club
Entry: 12€ presale,15€ at the doors

This party has music, confetti canons, flashing lights, proper halloween decorations and a fog machine. So that’s everything a real Halloween party needs, right? Go get dressed up in that sexy Halloween outfit and make out with a zombie.

Recommended if you like: spooky Halloween parties, shakin’ your booty, Chart music, vodka mixed with sweet juices, the Heart Club

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