Haummas net sche? - Vienna Würstelstand

Haummas net sche?

October 3, 2019

Check out this story on stage about Gemeindebau

Haummas net sche?

When: various dates, starting THU, October 10, 7pm
Where: Volx/Margareten
Entry: free.

Watch this theater spectacle at the Volkstheater that tells the stories that have played out in Vienna’s public housing apartment complexes, called “Gemeindebau”. Expect stories about the 100 year old political dispute surrounding this revolutionary and pioneering concept of the state providing affordable housing for all. Plus, you’ll also catch in this performance the diverse stories about people that have lived in these apartment complexes.

Recommended if you like: affordable housing, politics, random stories about everyday people, theater based on reality, Volkstheater, life in Vienna, having paper thin walls so you can hear EVERYTHING your neighbour is up to

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