Harri Stojka - Salute to Jimi - Vienna Würstelstand

Harri Stojka – Salute to Jimi

July 26, 2020

Harri Stojka -
Salute to Jimi

Watch this Austrian guitar-virtuoso pay hommage to Jimi Hendrix

Harri Stojka – Salute to Jimi

When: WED, July 29, 7:30pm–11:59pm
Where: ((szene)) Wien
Entry: 24.90€, buy a ticket

As we’ve only read the highest praise about this Austrian musician’s performances, this Jimi Hendrix hommage in the form of a concert happening at ((szene)) Wien is worth checking out. Harri Stojka seems to have a knack for injecting his own style and extraordinary performance into other musicians’ work, and this time it’s the absolute legend of a guitarist, Jimi Hendrix.

Recommended if you like: wishing you could play an instrument that well, watching other people slay a performance on stage, having a blast in the audience, never getting rid of the sound of those slappin’ riffs in your ears, supporting an Austrian artist

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