Gürtel NightWEEK 2020 - Vienna Würstelstand

Gürtel NightWEEK 2020

September 11, 2020

Spend 9 days in a row at the Gürtel without getting bored

Gürtel NightWEEK 2020

When: September 11 – 19, 6pm–4am
Where: Lerchenfelder Gürtel + Hernalser Gürtel
Entry: check the event for entry prices to each location

You can never go wrong with a night at the Gürtel, so get ready for this: the clubs along the infamous Gürtel have decided to step up their party game and take the Gürtel experience to the next level! 9 days, starting this Saturday, full of live music, comedy shows and poetry slams will be happening. Check the event for details on the program.  

Recommended if you like: partying at the Gürtel, feeling like you’re betraying the Gürtel whenever you find yourself in a club at Schwedenplatz, stepping up your party game, live music, mixing a cultural event into your party night

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