Groovetop at Kleinod - Vienna Würstelstand

Groovetop at Kleinod

July 12, 2020

Music Sounds
Better With You!

Enjoy some music with some drinks at this outdoor event

When: every Wednesday throughout summer, 5pm–1am
Where: Kleinod Stadtgarten
Entry: free!

Round off your day at this event because, let’s be honest, you deserve it. You’ve already spent half the week working, for heaven’s sake. You’re not a machine!! There will be music and food and people. Not that you have to talk to other people if you don’t want to. If sitting by yourself listening to the music and stuffing your face and ignoring everyone else is your thing, well, then you deserve that too. You do you.

Recommended if you like: chilled evenings, meeting new people, not talking to other people, rewarding yourself for working half of the week already, spending all your money on food, warm summer night outdoor events

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