Go to the Car Cinema - Vienna Würstelstand

Go to the Car Cinema

May 28, 2020

Hit up Vienna’s one and only drive-in cinema

Go to the Car Cinema

When: check films and days on their website
Where: Autokino Center Wien
Entry: 11.90€ (check website for discounts), buy a ticket

That’s right – Vienna has a drive in movie cinema and it’s allowed to open while the rest of the city’s cinemas stay closed.

Have you ever dreamed of going to the cinema without having someone with a crazy hairstyle in front of you blocking your view? Or even better: bringing more snacks than you can carry with your hands and not feeling weird for taking off your shoes? Well, lucky for you, all of this is possible at the car cinema. The Autokino Center Wien has opened its gates, and they’ll be screening films daily! Check out their website for the film program!

Recommended if you like: feeling like you’re in a movie, taking your shoes off while watching a film, having your back seat completely filled with snacks, making out at the movies, pretending your in some old American film, getting a unique cinema experience, fooling around in the back seat

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