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Go to an alternative Viennese Ball this February

February 1, 2019

Go to an
Viennese ball
this February

Because waltz isn’t the only way to dance

Go to an alternative Viennese Ball in February

When walking around central Vienna in January and February, you will very often encounter people slightly overdressed for a regular night out. Well, if the overdressed outfit implies a tuxedo or a gown, chances are these people are going to a Viennese Ball where they drink fancy drinks from fancy glasses, dance the waltz and pretend the Habsburgs will show up any minute. Yes, the Balls in the Hofburg and other palace-like locations have been around ever since white, curly toupées were a thing, and like many things in this city, they haven’t changed much. Still, every year some alternative events pop up piggybacking these balls, in alternative locations, with less rules and a more present-day atmosphere. Like these, for example:

Wiener Technoball

When: SAT, February 23, 9pm
Where: Ottakringer Brauerei
Entry: 42€ (29€ students), buy a ticket

The tagline of this event is ‘tradition meets the future at a ball with bass.’ And that pretty much sums it up. This crazy night of Techno in the grungy and industrial halls of the old Ottakringer brewery will be offering up 4 floors to dance like mad to the finest Techno beats. The dress code still applies so come dressed fancy in suits and gowns, and some people even paint their faces.



When: THU, February 28, 10pm–6am
WherePalais Auersperg
Entry: 74€ pre-sale, buy a ticket

The Rosenball is an annual parallel event to the very traditional Viennese Opera Ball. Instead of the classical music and typical Viennese waltz music, there’ll be House and Disco music. It’s both a cheeky wink, and a tribute, to the Austrian ball culture and is often dubbed as the alternative Opera Ball.

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