Ginger Forest - Vienna Würstelstand

Ginger Forest

June 17, 2020

Experience The Ginger Forest for a light mood and heavy drinks

The Ginger Forest

When: WED–SUN throughout summer, 5pm–11pm
Where: Ginger Forest
Entry: free!

It may seem like the days of late-night clubbing are long gone, but clubs are continuing to get creative during the time of Corona. The hip hop club, VIE I PEE, has rebranded its outdoor garden, Ginger Forest, and they’ll be holding a bunch of different events in it throughout this summer. Keep an eye on the event page for regular updates on what kind of events will be happening (they’re promising from magic shows, to a Mario Bros corner, to board games and a bunch of other fun stuff).

Recommended if you like: Hip Hop & RnB, gin and tonic, trying really bad pick up lines for the laugh, surprises, and unexpected theme parties, kicking everybody’s ass at chess in the club (never did we think we’d hear ourselves say something like this)

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