Gelebt. Ingeborg Strobl - Vienna Würstelstand

Gelebt. Ingeborg Strobl

February 11, 2020

Check out an exhibition that makes you think

Gelebt. Ingeborg Strobl

When: March 6, 2020 – January 10, 2021
Where: MUMOK
Entry: 13€ (9.50€ students under 26)

Some things are easier to ignore or block out than to deal with. The art of Ingeborg Strobl, however, challenges the viewer, placing the controversy front and centre and forcing a reaction. Her art is connected to social criticism, especially regarding consumerism and the madness of mass production. Are you ready for this?

Recommended if you like: social criticism, trying to change the world, the MUMOK, art that makes you think, thinking about ways to improve

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