Garten des Zaubers - Vienna Würstelstand

Garten des Zaubers

July 26, 2020

Vibe to some Electronic beats by the water

Garten des Zaubers

When: SAT, August 1 & SUN, August 2, 12pm
Where: Himmel & Wasser
Entry: Free!

There’s few things better than music, sunshine and drinks by the water, and all of this will very much be happening at this open air Electonic music party called ‘Garden of Magic’ at Himmel & Wasser. We can’t guarantee you’ll actually see some magic happening at this event, but that buzz after your third Spritzer might take care of that.

Recommended if you like: flowing with Electronic music, hanging out in the sun, swimming with background music, having fun with friends, getting tipsy and making anything your dance floor, successfully avoiding a sunburn

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