Ganymed In Love - Vienna Würstelstand

Ganymed In Love

May 7, 2019

Witness the Art history museum taken over by the power of love

Ganymed In Love

When: June 15, 7pm–10pm
Where: Kunsthistorische Museum
Entry: 38€, but most of them are already sold out, buy tickets

A very special exhibition is going down in the art history museum. Instead of nature (last year’s motto) taking over the opulent halls of the museum, this year it will be love! You have to buy one of the tickets for one of the exclusive appointments at which you can catch the exhibition. This is part of the highly successful exhibition series, Ganyemed. 13 stations will position love as the main actress in this art performance and show. Find more details, here.

Recommended if you like: art, exclusive art events, being one of the few to witness something special, being inspired in a gallery, practising your pensive face in the mirror, thinking about love

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