Frittenbude / Wien / Flex - vienna würstelstand

Frittenbude / Wien / Flex

February 28, 2019

Catch this Electro Punk band out of Germany

Frittenbude / Wien / Flex

When: THU, March 21, 7pm–10pm
Where: Flex
Entry: 24.90€, get tickets

The German Electro-Punk band, Frittenbude, are back with their new album, Rote Sonne, and touring again. They’ve been making music for 13 years now and are known for boldy voicing their opinions against right-wing extremism They’ll be in town for a gig at the Flex. Check out one of their latest songs, below:

Recommended if you like: music that will make you dance, beer and cigarettes, dancing until your feet hurt, partying until the sun comes up, having a break at a Döner stand and then heading to the next party, dedicating your youth to the part-ay, raving, bands that believe in something

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