Frida Kahlo Festival Wien - Vienna Würstelstand

Frida Kahlo Festival Wien

June 27, 2019

Celebrate and make a statement for human rights at this 2-day colourful festival

Frida Kahlo Festival Wien

When: FRI–SAT, September 18–19, 2pm–10pm
Where: Stadtpark
Entry: free!

With the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo’s name slapped on it, there will be a Mexican human rights festival going down in Stadtpark this weekend. The event organisers state that Frida is a symbol a figure that fought for women’s rights amongst other rights for minorities, which explains the name of this festival. There will be live music, Mexican cuisine being served up and plenty of things to do for the whole family.

Recommended if you like: Frida Kahlo’s art, Mexican culture, everything Latin, Frida the music, Latino music, standing for human rights, stuffing your face with delicious Mexican food

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