Forbes Start-up-Challenge – vienna würstelstand

Forbes Start-up-Challenge

November 22, 2017

Innovative startuppers showcased

Forbes Start-up-Challenge

When: TUES, December 5, 5pm–10pm
Where: Chaya Fuera
Entry: TBA, applt to be accepted for entry here

The Forbes startup challenge is back for the third time, with the goal of putting the spotlight on start up founders with interesting ideas. Be part of a motivated scene and listen to passionate founders explain their business concepts and passion projects. Following the talks, there’ll be music, food and lots’a networking.

Recommended if you like: crying when start up hub Sektor5 closed, living in the digital age, hearing about cool and innovative ideas, telling people about your cool ideas, going to San Francisco because you think that’s where shit happens, technology, innovation, being a founder, some hardcore networking, wearing long black boots

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