Flohmarkt Taborstraße-Karmelitermarkt - Vienna Würstelstand

Flohmarkt Taborstraße-Karmelitermarkt

May 10, 2019


Find all of your vintage heart’s desires at this flea market

Flohmarkt Taborstraße-Karmelitermarkt

When: May 16, 10am–May 17, 8pm
Where: Taborstraße zwischen Obere Donaustraße und Große Stadtgutgasse
Entry: free!

This is the kind of flea market where you can find anything. Anything! A vintage doll-sized swimsuit with pictures of dogs eating strawberries, perhaps? Ok, we’re not sure you can find that but it’s worth a try! Go dig through the treasures until you run out of money or can’t carry anymore. And, uh, let us know if you find that swimsuit.

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