50. Flohmarkt Obkirchergasse - vienna würstelstand

50. Flohmarkt Obkirchergasse

September 2, 2018

50. Flohmarkt

Saturday Fleamarket in the 19th

50. Flohmarkt Obkirchergasse

When: SAT, Sept 15, 8am–6pm
Where: Obkirchergasse, 1190
Entry: free!

What’s autumn without visiting the massive flea market on the 19th district’s Obkirchengasse. On a sunny September day (we hope) private sellers will set up their stands full of second-hand stuff, and the businesses along the street will also spill onto the pavement. It’s a family affair (so no naked cowboy stunts again) and there will be face painting, a small kids flea market and a clown named Clown Poppo (which somehow we found to be a very creepy name) doing his thing. Come for the secondhand stuff, stay for the clown.

Recommended if you like: flea markets, being outdoors and feeling all springish, getting a bunch of new things yet old for you or your home, clowns, second hand things, the thrill of the fleamarket hunt for that new pair vintage boots you’re looking for

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