Flashback 90s/2000s Party // B72 - Vienna Würstelstand

Flashback 90s/2000s Party // B72

February 2, 2020

Go crazy to your favourite tunes from back in the day

Flashback 90s/2000s Party

When: SAT, February 15, 10pm–6am
Where: B72
Entry: free!

We don’t care what anybody else says: the music of the 90s and 2000s will never go out of fashion! That’s probably why 90s/00s themed parties enjoy such amazing popularity. There’s another one for you this Saturday at the B72. And the best thing is, it’s free!

Recommended if you like: Backstreet Boys, Snoop Dogg, Nirvana, Britney Spears, doing it like they do on the Discovery Channel, being blue da ba dee da ba dye, being pretty fly for a white guy, a sense of nostalgia while partying

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