Fish Market feat. DVS1 - Vienna Würstelstand

Fish Market feat. DVS1

April 18, 2019

Party hard at this fish market at Grelle Forelle

Fish Market feat. DVS1

When: SAT, April 27, 11pm–6am
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: 11€, get your tickets, here

You may be surprised, as we were, to learn that this fish market has nothing to do with fish but rather is a party for all with a sick a** DJ keeping the vibes HOT. Arrive on Friday and party until Saturday and, er, don’t bring any fish. Check out the music, here:

Recommended if you like: all night partying, a.k.a. clubbing, hanging out with the cool kids, going to a party that is inclusive for everyone, fish markets, parties that don’t have anything to do with fish, wearing your glow in the dark socks, Grelle Forelle

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