Fish & Chips Weeks - Vienna Würstelstand

Fish & Chips Weeks

January 17, 2020

Treat that belly of yours to this celebration of fish & chips (with a side of craft beer)

Fish & Chips Weeks

When: January 20–31
Where: Das Bootshaus
Entry: TBD

Most food festivals last a maximum of one week, but the clever folks at Das Bootshaus realise how beloved fish & chips are, so they are celebrating them for even longer. They’ll be serving a range of fish, a variety of fries (including ‘Chili Steakhouse’) and, of course, sauces & dips. Not only that, but they’re also pairing these flavours with a range of exciting craft beers. We like the sound of the ‘Native Tongue Vienna Pale’ in particular. If you’re already salivating at all this saltiness, you can always go more than once.

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