Fink at Wiener Metropol - Vienna Würstelstand

Fink at Wiener Metropol

November 3, 2019

Check out this Brighton-sprung singer/ songwriter


When: SUN, November 10, 8pm–11pm
Where: Wiener Metropol
Entry: SOLD OUT!

Fink may or may not be a household name in your house, but you are sure as hell going to have heard something they, or just Fin G, have worked on. With collaborations with everyone from John Legend, through Winehouse to Bonobo, it is hard to doubt the musical talent here. And this Sunday, he and his band of merry men will be exhibiting their talent for us at the Wiener Metropol.

Unfortunately, the gig’s already sold out, but we challenge you to find tickets to this show. You could look on FB, ask on the street, beg one off of your friend.

Recommended if you like: Indie music,your music loud and live, your musicians a little more mature, experienced, finally seeing the man in the background, closing your eyes and letting the music wash over you like the sea

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